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     we hired Cleaning Greenwich to do a house cleaning before we moved into our new home and they did such a good job, we've hired them to come in every week from now on.
Terry Reache30/03/2018
     The last time I hired an upholstery cleaner, they did a shabby job. So, when I was looking to hire someone last month, I was a bit concerned. On recommendation from a good friend, I hired Greenwich-Cleaners. The team surprised me with their skills and efficiency; within a matter of a few hours my sofa was stain free and spotlessly clean. They even cleaned the back of the sofa and all the corners that we usually miss out during routine cleaning. Thank you for such an amazing service.
Jacob S.19/08/2015
     I was hosting a private event for my clients at my place and my schedule had been so hectic, that cleaning was totally out of the option. Fortunately, hiring cleaners from Cleaning Firm Greenwich was an absolute breeze and they had my place ready in no time to impress all the guests. Thanks for a great job!
     Cleaning my home always takes me a long time, and as my schedule got busier and busier I found my home was becoming unclean and pretty gross! I thought a professional company would be a good choice for me, and Greenwich-Cleaners is a company I couldn't be more impressed with! The lovely and hardworking cleaner I hired does wonders for my home every week, and I couldn't be more pleased with her diligence and reliability. I can't recommend this company or their services enough if you're looking for cleaning help for your home!
T. Stevenson29/01/2015
     If you're anything like me, there aren't enough hours in the day for housework! That's why I employ the services of Greenwich-Cleaners, whose cleaners come to my house every two weeks and do my ironing, vacuuming, dusting, window cleaning etc! They do an absolutely fantastic job and that means I only have to give the place a quick once over every couple of days. I leave all the taxing work to them! It's also so affordable!
Amy S.15/01/2015
     Before I had called in Greenwich-Cleaners, I was so apprehensive about having strangers come in and clean my house. There are so many stories out there about broken household items and destroyed upholstery. But my experience with this company completely turned me around. Their cleaners did an excellent and thorough job, used good quality cleaning products and were so meticulous about their task, that I was beyond impressed. Plus it helped that they were so friendly and easy to talk to. I am definitely going to use their service again and will obviously recommend them to everyone I know.
Laurence F.04/12/2014
     I have just had a wonderful carpet clean service done in my office and they look wonderful. Fed up of looking at dirty flooring but the budget wouldn't stretch to new carpets I opted to go for a professional cleaning service. Greenwich-Cleaners did a great job and really made a difference to the flooring. It looked amazing and clean when the cleaners had finished. I will definitely use them again as the service was first class and the cost exceptional.
N. Cunningham24/11/2014
     I have a rental property which in between tenants moving in and out, needs a through clean from top to bottom. As I don't live in the area, it is difficult for me to clean the property myself so I employ the services of Greenwich-Cleaners. I have been using their services for several years now and have complete confidence in their cleaning ability. The office staff are professional and I feel that I am in safe hands using them. I have not had any complaints from new tenants moving into the property, so they must do a good job!
Ian P.05/11/2014
     Top notch service! I don't normally bother to log in and leave reviews and things, but I thought I would since I was so impressed by Greenwich-Cleaners! We have people coming and going all day at the studio leaving a lot of clutter around and often pulling all nighters. So it gets really stressful if the place isn't up and ready for the next lot coming in. I gave this company a call to free up more of my own time and they were the most courteous and efficient people I've worked with. They now have my full recommendation!
Pip L.23/10/2014
     The best thing about this company I found is that the cleaners are always punctual and do a superb job when it comes to the cleaning itself. It's also very affordable and since I don't have that much money to spare when it comes to hiring a cleaner, this cleaning company was just what I was looking for. I very much doubt you could get a better cleaner elsewhere and the overall service you receive is wonderful. I wish all cleaning companies were like this one frankly but it doesn't matter anyway because whenever I need a cleaner I just phone up Greenwich-Cleaners and I get what I want.
Claire Beecham13/08/2014
     The end of tenancy period is always a nightmare, especially if you know your land lord is a difficult person in the first place. We found that we didn't want to risk the stress and potential disagreements that could come from cleaning the place ourselves, so we got Greenwich-Cleaners in. Our landlord gave us our deposit back in full, and there was not even a pinch of disagreement about the whole thing, which was well worth the decent price that we paid for the cleaning! Safe to say it was a very successful venture, we will be using them again!
Kelly Foster31/07/2014
     After recently moving out of my parents' house, I was overwhelmed by the independence I was expected to have. I looked around for weeks for an affordable cleaning company before I stumbled upon Greenwich-Cleaners. They offered me the chance to become independent slowly instead of being thrown in the deep end and expected to swim. My cleaner has been the best thing that's happened to me since I moved out and she even shows me a few tricks that I might need later on in life when I spill red wine all over the carpet again and she's not there to rescue me.
Adam T.16/07/2014
     My wife has been extremely stressed with work and I'll admit, I am hopeless at the housework and whatever work I do I end up getting it wrong anyway. Last week I treated my wife to a full blitz clean by cleaners from Greenwich-Cleaners. They even helped me to decorate the place ready for her to arrive home and the look on her face was amazing. There was not a spec of dust in the entire house and everything was gleaming. Just what she needed after a busy day at work. Fantastic cleaners, fantastic company. Would highly recommend a blitz clean to anybody!
Fraser K.30/06/2014
     It isn't often that I let my home get messy but one thing or another has gotten in the way and so the clutter and dust has built up. Deciding that this could be a good opportunity for major clean, I called up Greenwich-Cleaners. Their team were able to assist me with my endeavour, so I had experts helping with each chore and providing all the best equipment. Together we made my home look gate and it has never been cleaner. Even if I manage my own cleaning, I know I'll call them from time to time for support.
Erin Foucault20/06/2014
     I hurt my back and couldn't manage the chores around my home, so my husband suggested I hire a professional company. Greenwich-Cleaners were great. I called the office and asked for the services, and booked a date for a home cleaning service. The team of cleaners was fantastic and hardworking dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. They began with a total spring clean type service, but then for the following appointments just did a speedy general clean. The cost was affordable, and my house looks brilliant, and actually shines with cleanliness. Though my back is on the mend I decided to continue having the extra help. It is definitely money well spent.
Wendy Green26/05/2014
     Knowing how to manage your work, home and social life is not easy if you are a busy person like myself. I have enough extra work to do at home in the first place to be able to get much of the house work done, and since I have been living on my own for the last few months, my house has deteriorated somewhat. You will find that getting a cleaner in, like Greenwich-Cleaners is a good way to alleviate the pressure that the chores can create, so give them a shout and see what they can do for you!
Dennis Campbell14/05/2014
     I thought professional cleaning companies were all the same until I tried Greenwich-Cleaners. I'd spent years trying to find the perfect cleaner for my home, and I'd all but given up hope trying to find what I was looking for. I got in touch with the company after seeing a good review, and I was absolutely gobsmacked at the results! The cleaners were just brilliant and they got everything looking immaculate in such a short space of time. I didn't think that a professional clean could be so thorough after having such bad experiences, but this company have absolutely turned me around! Now I love getting my house cleaned! All my thanks!
     Cleaning my kitchen is always a daunting task. I enjoy cooking all those lovely Indian curries, but I don't like the stains caused by all the masalas and turmeric powder. I didn't know how to get rid of them, which is why I called Greenwich-Cleaners. They cleaned my kitchen so well and that too super quick. They came in and got straight on - no procrastinating at all! I was so pleased that I then hired them to come and give my whole home a once over and once again, they did not disappoint at all! I have recommended them to all my friends and family members - they really are brilliant!
Veena Waria27/03/2014
     I'd always used the same cleaning company for years and was very pleased with them, but I wanted to find a slightly cheaper alternative that was still going to provide me with everything that I needed in my home. Greenwich-Cleaners were the second company that I called after a bad experienced with another local service. Luckily for me, this company managed to impress me with their excellent cleaning! Now my house looks better than I ever thought it could, and I can't imagine ever needing to find a new service again! The prices are very affordable and the cleaners work hard to do a thorough job. This is a brilliant company and now I'm a regular customer!
Janine H.25/02/2014