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Tips For Cleaning A Ceramic Sink
05Apr 2014
Tips For Cleaning A Ceramic SinkWhen it comes to house cleaning, one of the most noticeable areas in which you can have a real effect is the sink. Most homes feature two or more sinks, so learning how best to get them sparkling really can make a difference when it comes to getting your home up to the highest standards of cleanliness. But with so many different materials which it is possible to make a sink from, it can be difficult to know how exactly you should approach cleaning your particular sink. A ceramic sink is one of the more popular choices today, and the white finish means that you will always have to do a good job in order to get it as clean as possible and to keep it that way. For those who are looking for the best way in which to clean their sink, there are a huge number of especially dedicated products out there which claim to provide the very best solution and the most effective means of getting the job done. However, these can often be more expensive than you might be willing to pay and there is a simpler option which you may already have lying around your home. Baking powder – or bicarbonate of soda – is a fantastic addition to any home cleaning kit and can often have far more uses than you might expect. When it comes to cleaning your sink, this baking ingredient could be just what you need. But how can you use baking soda in order to get a finish on your ceramic home fixings? The first step is simple enough and only requires that you put the plug into the sink. While baking soda can also be used in order to clear out drains, that is for another time. The first step should remain focused on the task at hand and the best way of dealing with that is to make sure that the plug is in place before you start. Now, take the box or tub of bicarbonate of soda and begin to sprinkle it around the sink. You are going to want to focus your attention on those areas which are most in need of cleaning and have presented the toughest challenge, areas which might involve lime scale build up or areas which have been effected by grease. When sprinkling the baking soda around the sink, be sure that you get as much of these kinds of areas covered as possible. Now you will need another common household item, one which will really make the difference during the cleaning process. White vinegar has tremendous cleaning properties and can be bought for a very low price. Rather than pouring it on your chips, simply take the bottle and begin to pour it over the areas which you have covered with baking soda. When the substances come into contact, they should begin to fizz and bubble. Take a sponge or a scouring pad (make sure that it is clean) and begin to gently rub the surface of the sink. You will want to work the mixture into the surface in a gentle manner, and you will soon begin to notice that the lime scale and the grease marks are steadily coming away. As you do this, make sure to cover the entire sink and remove any areas which are hindered the cleanliness of your sink. Once complete, unplug the sink and rinse it all with cold water. As the solution washes away, you should notice that the remained of the ceramic is far cleaner than it was before.

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