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Steam Cleaning VS Conventional Cleaning Methods
13Mar 2014
Steam Cleaning VS Conventional Cleaning Methods

When it comes to cleaning at home, we all have our routines. Some people are used to their conventional methods and prefer  to use that because it works well for them but others are already realising how beneficial it is to be more efficient these days and are already changing lifestyle routines to suit this, steam cleaning seems to be the efficient way to clean right now, but it’s not for everyone.

What is the difference between steam cleaning and conventional cleaning, and which is better?

Which is more effective?

Conventional methods of cleaning works well  for many and that’s why we use it however when you consider steam and how it leaves no after reside, you quickly begin to realise that steam not only cleans through the tiniest of gaps and spaces but also its less likely to leave any lasting residue in amongst those microscopic cracks, afterwards.

Small hard to reach spaces and gaps around the home may be impossible to clean because you cannot reach it, however steam can get everywhere and it means that no bacteria can form in any hard to hard to reach space making your home much cleaner.

Cleaning is hard work but steam cleaning takes the difficulty out of cleaning because it requires no scrubbing or sweating as this method of cleaning is rather effortless, this is great for those who are unable to perform household cleaning duties due to mobility problems.

Steam eliminates bacteria like any conventional method would however you do not need to use chemicals at all so this means its more hygienically friendly, safer to use and economical for the environment. For those who suffer from conditions such as asthma or allergies it can be extremely beneficial to eliminate chemicals used around the home and to replace it with moisture in the air instead.

Steam demineralises water and reduces problem areas such as lime-scale build up, residue and streaks which are often left over from when cleaning using conventional cleaning products.

Switching to steam cleaning means that you are less likely to flush harmful detergents down the drains and sink, this in turn reduces the risk of contamination to our water supplies and preserves the aquatic life at local reservoirs.

Less water is needed when cleaning with a steam, one fill can last up to 20 minutes of intense cleaning and comparing that to a running tap and the amount of times to change a bowl of water to clean a kitchen you quickly realise what a remarkable difference that makes.

Energy consumption is lower when using a steam as it uses less energy to heat a steam than it does to heat your hot water for conventional cleaning.

Steam cleaning is much quicker because heat and steam works faster than any other method at removing dirt and grime and so it could speed up your cleaning time and manage to save you a little energy in the process.

Steam cleaning can save you heaps of cash in the long run because once you make that first initial investment (which isn’t that pricey) you save money by not having to keep buying household cleaning products anymore, and may people will buy these frequently. Also by reducing the energy used to heat the water at home you can save on your electric bill whilst cleaning too.


For those who have the time and are willing to make good use of a steam cleaner, investing in one is by far the best method for cleaning! It’s more cost effective, it’s much quicker and eco-friendly too.

For those who are unsure, why not try before you buy and hire a domestic cleaning company that specialises in steam cleaning to show how it’s done first.