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Cleaning The Living Room Properly
02Sep 2014
Cleaning The Living Room ProperlyThe living room is one of the rooms I the house that does not get inherently dirty through its use. The kitchen cleaning will always be a lot tougher than other areas of the house, much like the bathroom, simply because of the way in which it is used. You will find that the sitting room is only ever really made dirty is you have a party, or someone spills food in there, which is not that often. You will find however, that the lack of obvious dirt in the room will sometimes lead to a certain amount of negligence when it comes to cleaning, as what is not obviously dirty will rarely be cleaned as often as it perhaps should be. You will find that the lack of disturbance to the surfaces in the living room can result in dust settling over longer periods of time, so it is essential that despite the look of it, you are cleaning the kitchen regularly and effectively. For a start, you need to think about the order that you clean in. This is the case with any room; you don’t want to clean one part of the room, to then clean and other part of it and get the previous section dirty again. Dust will settle downwards, and therefore it is best to clean as gravity goes, downwards. So, begin at the top and work your way down. Start with a feather duster and ensure that all higher surfaces are taken care of. If these areas are left, then the dust on them can be a constant source of strange smells, as well as the general sense that the room is not clean. Dust in the air will make the room feel strange, whereas clarity in the air will make the room feel fresh and light. For this reason also, it is a good idea to open the windows when you are cleaning, to refresh the room, and to keep the air flowing through. Once you have cleaned the higher areas of the room, then you should dust the lower surfaces. If you have a great deal of pictures and knick knacks on your surfaces, then you may find that this takes a while. If the dust is not too thick, then you may be able to get away with using the feather duster for this, as it will fit between the objects nicely. However, it will not get rid of as much dust as a cloth would, so be sure that you are not skirting around the real issue by using the feather duster!Take the cushions off of the sofa, and attend to any stain removal and sofa cleaning that needs to be done. Upholstery leaning can be time consuming, and you should really be getting rid of stains when they occur, as dried in stains are very difficult to remove. You will find that vacuuming down the cracks once the cushions are off will be effective and that there is a surprising amount of dirt down there!You will find that once all of this has been done, the dirt will have all be knocked to the floor. You should vacuum this before you do any sort of mopping or carpet cleaning, as getting the dirt up will give you less to clean, as well as removing the likelihood of the dirt scratching delicate flooring, should you have it. Be sure to clean under the rub, as this can get pretty dusty as well!

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