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Bring Your Sofa Back To Life
06Mar 2015
Bring Your Sofa Back To Life

If you have a sofa you, but feel it’s been looking a little shabby lately, some good old fashioned sofa cleaning will do it the world of wonders. When you go about your domestic cleaning chores to keep the house clean, the sofa is often neglected. It gets overlooked and tends to be taken for granted as a piece in the living room.

Regular vacuuming is the best method of sofa cleaning as well as deep cleaning every few months. When you clean the sofa, make sure you read the manufacturer’s care instructions so that you don’t damage the material. If you aren’t sure how to go about deep cleaning your sofa, contacting a cleaning company is often the best idea. Many companies can provide professional cleaning services to take care of your sofa and make it healthy, safe and comfortable. When contacting a company for sofa cleaning, remember to have some information handy for the company. These details include the make of the sofa, an estimate on the size of it, the type of material that needs to be cleaned, and if there are any particular stains to be removed.

In between your regular home cleaning, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to breathe life back into your sofa. Some handy ideas to brighten up your sofa and add some extra charm to your living room include:

-    Add some cushions. Couch cushions are not comfortable, but also look really lovely when placed on a sofa. Choose cushions to match your living room colour scheme and arrange them on the sofa to give it some extra character.
-    Make the most of throws. Blankets and throws, like cushions, add some comfort and warmth as well as making your sofa even more aesthetically pleasing. Blankets and throws can be placed in many different on your sofa. They can be folded and placed on the seat, hung over the arm rest, or placed on the top of the sofa.
-    Work with the seasons. When the weather changes, so should your sofa accessories. It can create a positive atmosphere if your sofa is decorated with light coloured cushions and throws in summer and darker shades in winter. This is not only for aesthetics, but for practical reasons as well.
-    Enhance your side table. Having a table at the side of your sofa is practical and resourceful. But if you have a dull and bland side table, it will detract from your sofa and make it look boring as well. Rather, take a close look at the colour of your sofa and the colour scheme you are working with. Redecorate the side table so that it matches this colour scheme and adds to the ambience of your room. You can do this by painting the side table, having matching colour lamp shade, or having a small table cloth or doily of a matching colour on the table.
-    Keep your feet cosy with a rug. When you place a rug in front of the sofa, your feet will not only be kept warm but your sofa will have an added zest to it. As with other living room accessories, remember to work with the colour schemes. It is best to get neutral coloured rugs when it doesn’t so that they can blend with anything. 

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